Over the last few years, Serbia became one of Europe's leading destinations for medical and dental tourism. Lower prices of dental services combined with the great quality of dental work are the main reasons for the arrival of people all over the world only to have dental procedures in Serbia.

For who is dental tourism intended for?

Dental tourism is primarily intended for people who are seeking for high-quality dental services which they can usually pay much less outside their home country, whether they're coming only for dental reasons or the trip will be combined as a vacation in Serbia.
Since we are familiar with our patients' needs, the team of "Medicodent" dental office is opened and prepared for this kind of treatment that usually is time-limited. Our patients from abroad can count on complete dedication to their dental requirements in short time, with high-quality results.
Besides this, our dental office offers all help regarding the organization of traveling and accommodation in Novi Sad during their stay with all kind of help with conventional tourist offers in Novi Sad and surroundings.
Another form of dental tourism that can be achieved in our dental office is regional dental tourism. Numerous patients are coming from other towns in Serbia and Balkan region for treatment with doctors from our team.

First contact with "Medicodent" office and arrangement of arrival and stay.

If you are interested in our dental services you can contact us by e-mail or facebook page, so we can make an initial agreement regarding your needs, duration of your stay and all other operative details related to your arrival and stay in Novi Sad.

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