Orthodontics is a branch of dentistry that deals with malposition of jaws and teeth and corrects their relation by surgical and/or miofuncional or fixed appliances. Even though orthodontic treatments can successfully deal with esthetical imperfections, more importantly, this therapy can place teeth or jaws in their right position in order to achieve the correct occlusion.

The importance of good occlusion is huge and proper relation between upper and lower jaws leads to correct function during chewing and speaking. When jaws and teeth are in the right position, the temporomandibular joint has its physiological function.

After a detailed examination with adequate diagnostic, our specialist in orthodontics will discuss possible therapeutic solutions and type of appliances that can give the best results during the therapy, whether it is fixed or removable appliance. Beside conventional orthodontic therapy with fixed or removable appliances, there is also a possibility for correction with transparent plastic called clear-aligners.

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