Periodontal therapy

Gingivitis is inflammation of soft tissue, known as gums, that surrounds teeth while parodontopathy represents inflammation of complete tissue that surrounds the dental root and allows their strong connection to the alveolar bone. This pathology is usually the main cause of teeth loss among the elderly, but it often affects the younger population.

With periodic and regular dental examination this problem can be detected in its early stage and with right prophylactic and conservative treatments it can be kept under control. Professional teeth cleaning that implies ultrasound tart removal with sequent teeth polishing is the first step in a conservative approach that can eliminate the infection of gums jointly with unpleasant breath, bleeding and pain.

When periodontal disease is in its late phase, more invasive approaches are possible. Deep pocket probing in local anesthesia or even surgical treatment with application of bone substitute in extensive bone loss due to extensive periodontal infection are available solutions in order to preserve present teeth for a longer period of time. 

For each therapeutic solution, we have a specialist in our team that can help you with the best approach and treatment, whether it is a conservative or surgical solution.

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