Profilactic and Pediatric Dentistry

In our dental office, Pediatric dentistry is performed with special attention since the youngest patients are specific in the new environment and needs a higher level of care. First dental visit plays a great role in the child's future relation to dental health and cooperation with the dentist. During the dental examination of your child, you as a parent will be well informed of your child oral health and all prophylactic methods that needs to be done in order to keep your children's' teeth healthy.

Our approach based on fun and play, so the child becomes interested in cooperation with a high level of confidence in their dentist.

Our team will take care of the following cases:

  • therapy of caries lesions in primary teeth and early childhood caries
  • fissure sealing, a preventive procedure in permanent molars
  • instructions for proper teeth cleaning and achieving  good oral hygiene habits at early age
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